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As you prepare to embark upon your journey as a Feng Shui Practitioner, we wish to provide you with valuable resources to help cultivate your chi and accelerate your success!  At the Student Resource Center, we are dedicated to providing information to support you as you navigate your Feng Shui journey.


Whether you're looking for a mindful approach to business planning that aligns your Vision with your Values and Intention, business coaching that helps you tap into your higher consciousness and energetic flow, or evidence-based tips on marketing a Feng Shui practice, we're here to support you.  We've carefully evaluated and gathered a community of seasoned experts and best-practices that resonate with the spirit of Feng Shui.  Experts and processes that will help provide structure and build competencies while holding the space for your personal and professional growth. 


Exclusively for our Feng Shui Community, we share with you the Editorial Reference Library and the Practitioner Reference Resources. A plethora of valuable information encompassing the many Feng Shui topics and areas of interest. In the spirit of Feng Shui, sharing our gifts with the world is at the very core of the Feng Shui wisdom. We offer unlimited access to you in order to expand and develop your expertise, as well as educate your clients.



The East Coast Academy of Feng Shui maintains the importance of setting high professional standards for our students, alumni and our community of Certified Consultants by honoring the Feng Shui Code of Ethics.  The Feng Shui Code of Ethics provides a set of ethical guiding principles intended to establish mutual respect among our community of practitioners and consultants and instilling public confidence in the integrity of the profession of Feng Shui. As a registered member of the Academy of Feng Shui Student Resource Center, you agree to uphold the Feng Shui Code of Ethics.


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We are dedicated to support our community of Feng Shui Consultants. We believe in their character and integrity and know that they will honor the professional standards of this revered practice. For the complete Feng Shui Practitioner Code of Ethics



Welcome to our community of Feng Shui Practitioners!  As part of your continuous evolution as a professional, we wish to support and nurture your journey, helping you bring the spirit of the work into the world, and making it your own.  In order to help us help you please take a few minutes and share some information with us so we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our community. Click here to register: Student Resource Center Registration




Marketing a Feng Shui business is unique, specialized and is quite different than marketing a main-stream business. In Feng Shui, you are not only marketing a business, you are marketing yourself. First impressions are lasting and your marketing material may be the first piece of information a prospective client sees about you and your company. With a little bit of computer knowledge, creativity and a clear visual identity, you too can communicate your unique and distinctive style. Sharing our gifts with the world and helping others to achieve their aspirations is the fundamental nature of Feng Shui. In this spirit of Feng Shui, it is our intention to share with you some very valuable tools to use on your own Feng Shui journey. More info


Essential Practitioner Tools

Feng Shui Practitioner Tools on CD:

Marketing Essentials: Templates for print marketing materials

Bagua Transparencies: Residential, Business and Landscape

Quick Reference Guide: The Bagua & The Five Elements

NEW Consultation Report Templates: Residential & Business                            






Erica brings to her coaching practice 30 years of experience as a successful businesswoman. The gifts that set her apart come from her lifetime quest to find meaningful work that reflected her unique gifts and create an abundant living doing it. She has experienced all of the entrepreneurial challenges of running a non-mainstream business and will lead you through the practical and spiritual pit-falls that keep you from daring to do and/or find your true work along with the practical skills needed to support yourself. If you have a business that you are passionate about, or are seeking work that reflects your deeper-self but lack the know to bring it into form, Erica's mentoring can guide you to a place where you can have an abundant practice.





Chi Enhancement Chart

Bagua Enhancement Chart

Feng Shui Splinter Chart

Room by Room Enhancement Chart
Five Feng Shui Element Checklist
Business Consultation Analysis Checklist






The Affects of Clutter

Clutter Antidote
Tips for Decluttering
The Deeper issues of Decluttering

Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui
Clearing a Space for Change, The Weight of Objects, Daily OM  




The Feng Shui Principle of Yin Yang

Yin and Yang: The Key to a Balanced Home

The Unity of Opposites, Yin-Yang Philosphy, Daily OM   




The Five Feng Shui Elements

The Power of Color
The Power of Water, BLinc.

Feng Shui for Green Living

What Nature can teach Design
Feng Shui and the Powerful Five Elements

Applying the Feng Shui Five Elements to Your Home
Following Natures Cycle, Earth Living, Daily OM





The Mouth of Chi, your front door

Evaluate your Space
Entryway Feng Shui
Is your Home attracting your Future
How to welcome Opportunities to your Front Door                





Feng Shui Room by Room


Feng Shui for Family Rooms

Feng Shui for Living Rooms

Feng Shui for Vibrant Dining Rooms

Design for Life applying Feng Shui for Living Rooms, Daily OM

Feng Shui for Kitchens
The Feng Shui Kitchen, BLinc.
The Feng Shui Kitchen II, BLinc.


Attract Romance with Feng Shui

For the Love of Feng Shui, BLinc.

For the Love of Feng Shui II, BLinc.

Making Room for Love, IFSG

Making Room for Love II

The Feng Shui Bedroom, BLinc.

Love by Design Feng Shui for the Bedroom, Daily OM


Is your Child not Sleeping

Feng Shui and the Healthy Child

Feng Shui for Teen’s Bedroom

Feng Shui for Small Spaces

Feng Shui for Garages, Attics and Basements

Eight Steps to Feng Shui your Bathroom
The Feng Shui Bathroom, BLinc.

Feng Shui Room by Room, BLinc.

Feng Shui Remedies, Cures and Tips, BLinc.





Feng Shui for Real Estate

Changing the Chi
The Future of Real Estate

Five ways to Stage  your Home                                                               





Chi Enhancements

The Power of Crystals

Influencing the Tone of your Life, Daily OM

Eleven Home Energy Enhancers

The Power of Crystals, BLinc.

It's all about Chi, Blinc.

Wind Chimes bring money into your Home

Going with the Flow – Home Water Fountains, Daily OM        




Working with the Bagua

Positive Design

Aligning with Universal Energies

The Bagua, BLinc.

Charting the Magical Energy Centers of your Home

Where is the Energy in Your Home?

Six Feng Shui Enhancements for Your Career

Nine Feng Shui Ways to Enhance Your Health and Family

The Healthy Home, BLinc.


Nine Feng Shui Ways to Enhance Your Wealth

Feng Shui for Wealth & Prosperity, BLinc.

Feng Shui to Enhance your Fame and Reputation

Feng Shui for the Adult Bedroom

Feng Shui to Boost Creativity and Spontaneity

Attract Helpful People As You Travel Through Life
Feng Shui to Enrich Spirituality and Learning
Stabilize Your Life by Grounding Your Home




 Feng Shui for Business


Soul At, Is you workplace killing you?

Smart CEO, Reguired reading for growing Companies
Into the Black, A Miracle of Feng Shui

East Meets West

Creating Healing Environments                                              




Office and Cubicle Feng Shui

Feng Shui at Work

Feng Shui at Work, BLinc.

Feng Shui for the Office

Cubicle Chi, Feng Shui your Workplace, Daily OM

Nine Ways to spruce up your Workspace                         




Feng Shui Plants and Landscapes

Fantastic Feng Shui Plants

Feng Shui Plants

Houseplants that Clean out Toxins

The Legend of the Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui Landscapes, BLinc.
Feng Shui Going Green, BLinc.

A Feng Shui Landscape

A Refuge of your own, Creaing a Garden Sanctuary, Daily OM

Your Personal Nature Meditation

Feng Shui for an Inviting Garden

Guidelines for Designing Healing Gardens

Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants To Improve the Feng Shui of Your Home or Office 




 Space Clearing


Clear your Home for the New Year

Clearing a Space for Change, BLinc.

Spring into Feng Shui, BLinc.

Clearing a Spiritual Space, Smudging, Daily OM

Cleaning more than just clutter, The Benefits of Space Clearing, Daily OM 




Feng Shui Tips


The Energy of Travel

Feng Shui on the Go, BLinc.

Feng Shui and Pets

Love Affirmations

Green Living, Green Design, Blinc.

Six Feng Shui Dont's

Ten minute Feng Shui fixes for your Home

Feng Shui your Holidays              
Feng Shui your Holidays, BLinc.
Harmonious Holidays, BLinc.                                                                  




Feng Shui Solutions


Truth in Decorating, Top Ten Screens

Diplaying your Books, Turn your Library into a Work of Art

Kitty Washroom, Furniture disguises Litter box

Ceiling Fans, Shades of Light

Bagua Mirror 






The Western Guide to

Feng Shui    
by Terah Kathryn Collins

Feng Shui for the Soul 

by Denise Linn

Clear your Clutter with

Feng Shui

by Karen Kingston

Sacred Space
by Denise Linn

The Western Guide to

Feng Shui for Prosperity

by Terah Kathryn Collins








The Western Guide to

Feng Shui Room by Room
by Terah Kathryn Collins

Home Design

Feng Shui A-Z

by Terah Kathryn Collins

Space Clearing A-Z
 by Denise Linn

Small Changes

Dynamic Results
by Erica Sofrina

Creating Scared Space

with Feng Shui
By Karen Kingston









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