Feng Shui for Green Living Feng Shui and the Healthy Child

Feng Shui for

Green Living

Feng Shui and

the Healthy Child

Making Room for Love with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Demystified

Making Room

 for Love

Feng Shui


Feng Shui your Holidays

 Feng Shui

and Artwork

 Feng Shui

your Holidays


The Energy of Travel with Feng Shui

Feng Shui at Work

The Energy

of Travel

 Feng Shui

at Work


      The Power of Crystals

Feng Shui your Holidays

The Power of


Feng Shui

your Holidays



The Legend of the Lucky Bamboo

Making Room for Love

The Legend of the

Lucky Bamboo

 Making Room

for Love






The Western Guide to
Feng Shui  by

Terah Kathryn Collins  

Feng Shui for the Soul

by Denise Linn

Clear your Clutter with

Feng Shui

by Karen Kingston


The Western Guide to

Feng Shui Room by Room by Terah Kathryn Collins

Sacred Space
by Denise Linn

Creating Scared Space

with Feng Shui By Karen Kingston


Feng Shui Simply:

from the inside out

by Cheryl Grace

Small Changes

Dynamic Results
by Erica Sofrina

The Western Guide to

Feng Shui for Prosperity

by Terah Kathryn Collin

Space Clearing A-Z
 by Denise Linn
Home Design
Feng Shui A-Z
by Terah Kathryn Collins



            Feng Shui Resources
  Printable Bagua: Residential, Commercial and Landscape
  The Meaning of the Bagua: Residential, Commercial, Landscape and Workspace
  Find your Gua Number

Ming Gua directions and BaZhai locations

  Feng Shui for Romance - Peach Blossom Method
  Find your Chinese Animal Astrology sign
  Traditional Chinese Symbolisms
                 The Chinese Legend of the Two Cranes
  Feng Shui Lectures
  Bringing Nature into the Home: The Five Feng Shui Elements
  The Feng Shui Bedroom: Your heart, Your Home, Your Relationships
  Feng Shui Room by Room
  Lunch & Learn: Introductuion to Feng Shui
  The Power of Color: The Five Feng Shui Elements
  Lighting, Illumination & Inspiration
  First Impressions: The Entrance, the Foyer & Mouth of Chi
  Creating Abundance with Feng Shui
  The Power of Artwork: If walls could Talk
  Reflections of Love & Romance: Feng Shui & Mirrors
  The Year of the Water Dragon 2012



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Complement your personal chi with this auspicious yin yang pendant, the universal symbol of perfect harmony and balance. Custom made featuring the yin energy of genuine black onyx and the yang energy of precious mother of pearl, surrounding the ancient symbol of good luck & happiness set in 14kt gold. Chain not included. Yin Yang Pendant $65


In Feng Shui, crystals use the principle of light deflection in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in the flow of energy. They are an effective tool used to redirect energy in a more beneficial direction. When light sources hit the "leaded" faceted spheres, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully through your space to add new energy to your space, harmonize chaotic flow of energy, and protect you from poison arrows by diffusing such energy flow.  Crystals $25 - $85




The practice of Feng Shui is about creating a healthy flow of life energy or “chi†within your space. Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among native North America and is known for its powerful and potent ability to cleanse and purify spaces. Space clearing is a powerful technique to move stagnant energy, diffuse negative energy and fill your home with vibrant, positive chi. White Sage Mini Wand Trio $15.00


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